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Cyprus AIRBNB accommodations: Everyone must register

Cyprus: The Deputy Ministry of Tourism announces that all self-catering accommodations (on AIRBNB, BOOKING.COM and other platforms) should be registered in the relevant registry of the Deputy Ministry by 06/02/2023.

According to the relevant legislation, in order to be able to advertise and/or rent the self-catering accommodation, applicants must have received a special mark and registration number from the Deputy Ministry which will be indicated on each platform where the accommodation will be advertised, as well as in all relevant transactions.

The registration fee for a self-catering accommodation is €222 for every three years.

The income from the rental of self-catering accommodation will be subject to income tax and VAT based on the provisions of the respective legislations as well as to overnight fees to the Local Authorities. For relevant information, interested parties should contact the relevant Services such as the Department of Income Tax, Local Authorities, Municipalities and Community Councils.

Self-catering accommodations are divided into the three subcategories below:

  1. Tourist Furnished Villas
  2. Tourist Furnished Residences
  3. Apartments

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism will have the authority to check any self-catering accommodation, to verify the existence of a registration permit, as well as the compliance by the entrepreneur with the terms of registration of the accommodation.

For more information and for registration you can visit the website of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism >>

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