International Business Services

Cyprus has established itself as a reputable international financial centre. It has
the most favorable tax system in the European Union (EU), with a wide network
of double tax treaties. It has an excellent legal infrastructure, based on the English system, highly developed banking and professional services sector (accounting,legal, etc).

The excellent telecommunications network is one of the best in the world. Its
strategic location, situates it in the Eastern Mediterranean, where Europe, Asia
andAfrica meet.
Furthermore,Cyprus is a sunny Mediterranean island with sunny days most of the year and nice clean sandy beaches, offering itself for recreation
A reputable international financial centre like Cyprus should be preferred to a
jurisdiction that is a tax haven with zero tax and zero regulation because
transactions made by companies registered in such jurisdictions would be ignored by the native tax authorities for tax purposes. Furthermore, tax havens carry with them the suspicion of money laundering.

Cyprus is one of the cheapest among corporate service locations of high repute nowadays, and has attracted thousands International business companies from all over the world.

Cyprus a member country of the European Union since 2004 has wisely managed to differentiate from “tax havens” and establish itself  internationally as one of the most  important “low tax jurisdictions”. It has therefore managed to escape the suspicions and control of the tax authorities of other countries. The only tax for an international business entity ranges between 0 – 12,50% only.

The combination of low tax with the existence of an impressive and ever expanding network of Double Taxation Treaties (DTT) has proven to be a tremendous tool for international tax planning. With regard to any form of investment towards Eastern European countries, Cyprus has unquestionably positioned itself as the world’s primary “business hub”.

The international business entity can be established in any of three forms. A limited liability company, a general or limited partnership and an international branch of foreign corporation.

The most important activities conducted by Cyprus’s International entities are Trade, Marketing and Distribution; Ship Management and Maritime Services; Business and Engineering Consultancy; News gathering Distribution and Publishing Commercial and Merchant Banking; Holding Entities, Third-Party Financial Services.

Cyprus’s position in the global business community has been well publicized,  yet another attribute which makes the Mediterranean island so popular. It is, quite simply, the lifestyle. The standard of living enjoyed by company directors and their families is winning plenty of admiration. From the distinct lack of serious crime to the quality of educational resources, the friendliness of the people and their own professional abilities, foreign observers agree there are important attributes that should not be ignored.  Considering the case in which, most of the company’s staff will be traveling a lot, nothing makes a person work better than knowing that the family he leaves behind is happy, safe and having fun.  The geographical position of Cyprus is an added incentive, enabling company representatives to travel with ease throughout the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Our organisation’s multi lingual ability is substantial. We pride ourselves of our service. We will respond to your request whether received by phone, fax or email within 24 hours. Our philosophy is personal approach. Whenever needed, one of our partners will always make himself available to discuss with you your business matters as well as to give you a taste of the Cyprus hospitality.

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